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Mother In A Moment: Mother In A Moment / Millionaire's Instant Baby

Two favorite stories of instant families and everlasting love from bestselling author Allison Leigh.Mother in a MomentTaking in five newly orphaned kids wasn't on CEO Garrett Callum's agenda

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And in return she could offer Kyle a different kind of deal one that lasted forever.

And yet how could she refuse The children and their father offered her a chance at a family, redemption and love.Millionaire's Instant BabyTycoon Kyle Montgomery was a closer

But he had made a promise to his dying sister that he would look after them, and he would do whatever it took to honor that vow

Darby White was sure that if Garrett knew her secrets, he wouldn't let his charges anywhere near her

He even had the perfect candidates Emma Valentine and her son

He made deals ruthlessly and by any means necessary

He offered her a home, and gave her son the chance to have the life she wanted for him

Including acquiring an instant wife and baby

Only he never expected that persuading the nurse he met at the hospital to help him with the Fearsome Five would be his biggest challenge yet

The arrogant and devilishly cool Kyle wasn't the husband Emma dreamed of he was much, much more